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Based on the Official Mailchimp Style Guide

The cme dev content style guide is a fork of Mailchimp’s company style guide.

This guide goes beyond basic grammar and style points. It’s not traditional in format or content. We break a number of grammar rules for clarity, practicality, or preference.

You’ll see topics grouped by the types of content we produce, e.g., blog posts, email, and social media.

The entire guide is searchable, so you can go straight to the item you’re looking for.

If you work on caught my eye projects

There are now three high-level categories to further organise the original Mailchimp guide. These categories are named foundations, writing, and references.

Some projects, such as the Uncanny Owl blog, will have grammar rules that conflict with Mailchimp’s style. These special rules are added to this guide instead of overwriting the original rule.

If you work at another organization

caught my eye invites you to use and adapt this style guide as you see fit. It’s completely public and available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. All we ask is that you credit Mailchimp and caught my eye as appropriate.

What’s next?


We welcome any feedback for improving the guide. Visit the GitHub repositories to suggest a change, report an issue, or fork a copy of the guide.