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The Mailchimp Content Style Guide goes into depth on many subjects. It may be more information than you need. Here are the most important things to know.


Good content is:

Voice and tone

Mailchimp’s voice is:

Our tone changes depending on the situation, but it’s generally informal. We have a sense of humor, but we value clarity over entertainment.

Our priorities are to educate our customers about our products without patronizing or confusing them, so they can get their work done and get on with their lives.

Writing about people

We write and build apps with a person-first perspective. Being aware of the impact of your language will help make Mailchimp a better place to work and a better steward of our values in the world.

Related resource: The Conscious Style Guide.

Grammar and mechanics

“Stick to one adjective per verb most of the time. Stick to a maximum of five or six nouns per sentence, too—any longer than that and the sentence should be split.” Tips from Writing Explained [.org]

Web elements

Writing for accessibility

Writing for translation